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Silhouette~ 12 of 52

Just one image today on week 12. My Jeep (favorite car I have ever driven) silhouetted against the setting sun on the beach in Chincoteague, VA. I’m counting the days till summer vacation. Who else is tired of winter? I’m very excited for the first day of spring today!


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Green ~ 11 of 52

Last year our family took a trip in the RV to Luray, VA. While there we took day trips to Skyline Drive, Shenandoah Mountains and Big Meadows. When I thought about the color green for week 11 it reminded me of this trip and hiking through Big Meadows and the adjacent waterfall. The boys dressed up as Park Rangers in green vests.
webIMG_2361May 13webIMG_2380May 13webIMG_2399May 13webIMG_2412May 13

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Spring Session Special!

Reserve your session time within the next week (to take place now through May 31st) and enjoy a special savings. Pre-pay for your session and enjoy an even greater savings.

What do the above images have in common? They were each captured during sessions that took place in the spring of 2013!

In the early days of spring–it’s a great time for a session. Sessions that take place at your home are especially lovely in the spring months; I’m able to capture your children where they’re most comfortable and in the most personal of environments. And yes, we’re even able to make 5-10 minute jaunts right outside even in chillier weather and then duck back in for more gorgeous indoor images. As the winter turns to spring, we’re able to incorporate the outdoors even more at a local park or playground!

(Yes, this is my none-too-subtle ploy to steal a few clients away from the summer and fall and share some love with the other seasons!)

How does it work? Reserve your session spot between NOW and Tuesday, March 18th at 5pm for a spring signature or mini session (at your home, my home or an Annapolis park) and part of your session fee will magically transform into a print credit. This means you can apply it to anything you wish to order from your session, just like cash–super easy. Your session may then take place anytime between now and May 31, 2014.

More specifics, including a special bonus never before offered, follow:

Book a mini session for the last two weeks of March to receive $300 of your $350 session fee as a print credit, applicable to anything you may wish to order from your session.

Book a mini session for April to receive $250 of your $350 session fee as a print credit, applicable to anything you may wish to order from your session.

Book a mini session for May to receive $150 of your $350 session fee as a print credit, applicable to anything you may wish to order from your session.

But wait, there’s more (I have always wanted to say that!). Book and pre-pay your signature digital session this week–to take place anytime between now and May 31st–and receive the digital session for only $400! That’s a $275 savings!

A very limited number of weekend and weekday spots are available for this promotion. If you’d like to claim yours, send me an e-mail and we’ll find a date that works for you right away. This special link and offer will go POOF one week from today!

This offer is also available to new Stacy Meadows clients, so please feel free to share with friends who might wish to have a session of their own.

Don’t forget I will be at the beach on the Virginia Eastern Shore for a MONTH this summer and would love to meet up for a family session! Contact me for dates and details.

Thank you!! Looking forward to working with your family this spring!



Technology~10 of 52

Technology is the topic of week 10 of the 52 week photography challenge.  I thought this would be a great chance to showcase the awesome editors I usually outsource to.  This family loved the pose of the family in the garden but wished for a water background.  So with a few clicks of a mouse and a few instructions I uploaded the images to the editor.  In 24 hours I had a beautiful portrait for the family.
Final image:webIMG_2662edit
Taken from these two images:

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Animal ~9 of 52

I am super excited about week 9 of my 52 week challenge. I love photographing animals! Many of my sessions include the family pet(s)- like these wonderful sessions from last fall:
Stacy Meadows Family Pet PhotoSmiling DogGirl with goldendoodlegirl with goldendoodle 2family photo with pets

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