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Happy New Year from Stacy Meadows Photography!

Happy 2010  to everyone!  Welcome to the new and improved blog!  Three years ago this week I started blogging with full gusto!  I’ve barely kept up -but with some help  I’m hoping this new system will be much easier to navigate and it also means much larger photos yeah!  On Christmas Eve my computer crashed while watching Santa talk to Ham  for the 100th time on his PNP.  I guess it was too much for the old girl to handle.  I am definitely looking into a new ‘puter in the new year.  But,  Hubby needs new tires and we need our windows fixed (the seals broke and it looks like chain smokers live here!), we want to finish the basement and I really want to spend my 5th Anniversary in Bermuda this year…  So a ‘puter is pretty far down on the list.  I’ve had to re-load all of my programs for photo editing and I’m designing a new, updated website in the process so look for lots of new things in Jan!   So, Happy 2010 and here’s to at least three more years of craziness on the blog.  Since I cannot post without a photo- here is how we rang in the new year with the “big kids” in their jammies spending the night at Grandma’s!

 May you all be blessed in 2010 with health, prosperity and good fortune!

R e c e n t   P o s t s